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Third Party Manufacturers in Baddi, india  – Are you looking quality pharmaceuticals medicines, drugs products ? If you are looking for the best pharmaceutical medicine drugs manufacturers & suppliers then Soinsvie Pharmacia Pvt. Ltd  is right choice for third party manufacturing. Soinsvie Pharmacia is a top-notch Third Party Manufacturers Pharma Company in Baddi. We are recognized for delivering the excellent quality range of drugs like tablets, capsules, injections, ointments, oral drug liquid syrups, dietary liquid syrups.  Soinsvie Pharmacia are specialized in offering GMP certified, DCGI approved medicine range at competitive prices. They consist a wide range  of medicine like oral drug liquid , suspensions, liquid syurps, tablets, capsules, injections, ayuvedic  medicine, antibiotic, anti-infective, anti-fungal, multivitamins, analgesics, NSAIDs and many more.  @ Soinsvie Pharmacia, you will get a best business offer of pharma medicine or drugs range.

Due to the good demand for certified and quality medicines and increasing pressure on the pharma industry, we have taken a step forward to provide quality third party manufacturers pharma facilities in Baddi.  Himachal Pradesh .

Third Party Manufacturing Pharma in BaddiBeing a top pharma medicine company known for Third Party Manufacturing Pharma in Baddi, we understand our responsibility to deliver the good range of product. Our medicine dosage consists of liquid syrups, suspensions, capsules, injections, tablets,  ointments, protein powders ,  topical creams etc. They have been made in our own GMP certified


Soinsvie Pharmacia –Top Pharma Manufacturing Company in Baddi for Pharmaceuticals Medicine.

Soinsvie Pharmacia is known as one of the pharma manufacturers for pharmaceuticals medicine in Baddi, Chandigarh, India. We are an ISO, GMP, FSSAI, Certified third party pharma manufacturing  company that brings you wide range anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) drugs, over the counter (OTC) drugs and prescription medicines for better results.


Own Manufacturing Products

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Quality Assurance Followed By Soinsvie Pharmacia – Best third party Manufacturers.

Our company has managed to bring you some of the best outsourcing facilities for people in north India. Here we have brought up the best technologies to materialize the dream of quality, effective and safe drugs. Each of the company departments and various units has been managing by proficient and skilled manpower. Our machines and equipment have the capable efficiency to bring your quality products and medicines. Some of the good quality practices that our company has adopted are as follows:

  1. We have huge manufacturing space that has been efficiently utilized for 100% output. The units have been fully furnished with latest machines from around the world.
  2. We believe in total cleanliness and good hygiene. Thus, we implement strict rules to maintain an eco-friendly and hygienic environment.
  3. Research & Development team consists of experienced, talented, innovative and skilled experts. They help us attain the right composition and amount that is required to develop and make a unit of the drug.
  4. We have assembled our material resources from eminent vendors and sellers of the market. Extracts have been bought from organic sources for ayurvedic & herbal. You can trust us for quality manufacturing.
  5. Each level of the process goes through strict checking. We want our customers to get defective free and reliable medicines.
  6. Our packaging and storage facilities are best in the market. We use sterilized containers and packaging techniques like alu-alu, blister packaging etc to make the drug safe and contamination free.

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Soinsvie Pharmacia as a top third party manufacturers company welcome all the companies who are looking for genuine third-party manufacturing pharma products in Baddi, India. We are backed up by best world-class facilities and skilled technicians for better results.


You will assist through the production procedures of quality procurement, assembling, production and dispatch. Skilled and trained manpower is used in all processes.

  • Quotation prices are subject to quality and dosage forms. We assure you reasonable cost and best quality.
  • You will be getting DCGI approved drugs made from 100% effective material.
  • The assistance of promotional material is also provided here.
  • Quick delivery of all orders. Our units have large production capacity and carry it with utmost ease. Thus, you can be sure of completion of assignment within said time.


Third party manufacturers -Soinsvie Pharmacia Contact Information:

If you have any query in your mind regarding third party manuafcturers or our offered product range, feel free to contact us through +91-9888065048, +91-9779777788. Soinsvie pharmacia ensures you to deliver the best result oriented product at Competitve prices. Initially, you can ask for our drug sample and quotation prices by leaving a request at contact inquiry form or simply emailing the requests @ We will be looking forward to your response.


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