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1     Ayurvedic piles & constipations CAPS 30 Cap
2     Ayurvedic Capsule for Arthritis CAPS 30 Cap
3     Ayurvedic Treatment for Leucorrhoea CAPS 30 Cap
4     Ayurvedic Power Capsule with Musli CAPS 10*1*10
5     Ayurvedic Capsule for stones CAPS 18 Cap
6     Ayurvedic Capsule for General Fitness CAPS 30 Cap
7     Ayruvedic Anti Anxiety CAPS CAPS 18 Cap
8     Ayurvedic Cough SYP with  Goodness of Tulsi & Honey SYP 100 ml
9     Ayruvedic Digestive Enzyme SYP 200 ml
10      Utrine Tonic SYP 200 ml
11     Liver Tonic SYP 200 ml
12     Ayruvedic Memory Booster SYP 200 ml
13     Blood Purifier SYP 200 ml
14     Ayurvedic Hair Oil Hair Oil 100 ml
15     Ayurvedic Painkiller oil OIL 60 ml
16     Cissus Quadrangularis Linn Extract 750 mg+Withania Somnifera  Extract 100 mg CAPS 30 Cap

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Product Profile

Third Party Manufacturers for Ayurvedic Products : Ayurvedic medicine is noted as a significant invention in the history of medicine with masses turning to ayurvedic science to cure even the most critical diseases. Soinsvie Pharmacia Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as the top third party herbal products manufacturer in India having exploited the miraculous healing powers of ayurvedic science and is on its way to attaining monopoly.

Soinsvie is spread across many specialty segments and ayurvedic drugs are one of them. We offer wide spectrum of herbal products for different kinds of ailments, disorders including but not limited to anxiety, general fitness, stones, derma care and others. Our herbal medicines come in many forms such as tonics, capsules, tablets and oils and exhibit the perfect composition that is thoroughly tested and audited by our internal quality assurance team. We value quality and our ayurvedic herbal medicines are a testimony to that even if it means going an extra mile to ensure the customers get the best value for their money and health.

Third Party Manufacturing Unit for Ayurvedic Herbal products 

Since we support state-of-art manufacturing unit that is WHO and GMP certified, therefore we have the potential to mass produce tablets, capsules and many other specimens. Our ayurvedic herbal products fulfill the most stringent quality standards and have already set the benchmark in this segment for other players in the pharmaceutical industry to follow.

Ayurvedic or Herbal products Packaging

Our wide range of quality ayurvedic herbal products are secured in safe and attractive packaging to prevent perforation, contamination and survive longer compared to medicines created by some other companies that operate under unhygienic conditions.

Few other highlights of Soinsvie Ayurvedic Herbal products Third Party Manufacturing are:

  • Only the best herbs for compositions
  • Our sophisticated technology keeps the medicinal properties of herbs intact just like they would if the products were prepared using traditional procedures.
  • Potential to fulfill bulk requirements at a low cost
  • Child and adult safe formulations


Last but not the least; the company has established itself as one of the best contract manufacturer for Ayurvedic or herbal products that delivers quality and has the client’s interest at heart.

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