S. No.



1 Fungal Diastase   + Pepsin  Syrup 200 ML
2 Fungal Diastase  + Pepsin  Syrup 100 ML
3 Multivitamin + Multi Mineral  +  Antioxidant Syrup 200 ML
4 Multivitamin + Multi Mineral  +  Antioxidant Syrup 100 ML
5 Lycopene  +  Multivitamin + Multi Mineral + Antioxidant Syrup 200 ML
6 Lycopene  +  Multivitamin + Multi Mineral + Antioxidant Syrup 100 ML
7 Ferrous Ascorbate  +  Folic Acid + Zinc Susp 200 ML
8 Ferrous Ascorbate  +  Folic Acid + Zinc Susp 150 ML
9 Ferrous Ascorbate  +  Folic Acid + Zinc Drop 15 ML
10 Ferric  Ammonium Citrate + Vitamin B 12 + Folic Acid Susp 200 ML
11 Calcium Carbonate + Magnesium Oxide + Zinc + Vitamin D3 Susp 200 ML
12 Calcium Lactate  /  Gluconate Syrup 200 ML
13 Carbonyl  Iron + Foilc Acid + Vitamin B 12 + Zinc  Susp 200 ML
14 B.Complex  +  L-Lysine  Syrup 200 ML
15 B.Complex  +  L-Lysine  Syrup 100 ML
16 Digestive Enzyme  +  B.Complex Syrup 200 ML
17 Multivitamin Drop 15 ML
18 Multivitamin Drop 30 ML
19 Enzyme Drop 15 ML
20 Enzyme Drop 30 ML
21 Silymarin + B Complex Susp 200 ML

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Third Party Manufactures for Dietary Liquid |  Pharma franchise Company for

Dietary Liquid syrups |

Looking for Third party Dietary liquid manufacturers : Dietary Liquid manufacturing is affordable at Soinsvie Pharmacia because we manufacture in-house at our certified facility.

There is no middleman between you and the third party manufacturers for Dietary Liquid at Soinsvie Pharmacia Pvt. ltd. 

Our Third party Dietary liquid manufacturer service allows you to customize formulation and bottling of your nutrition product.

Liquids Supplements Manufacturing

  • Low cost bulk pricing
  • Assistance creating effective formulas for children or adults
  • Fast liquid supplement manufacturing
  • FDA labeling expertise and guidance
  • Your dedicated account manager ensures your liquid supplement order is produced as you wanted.
  • We manufacture in our own certified facility.
  • We use the most advanced nutraceutical manufacturing machinery in the industry.
  • Our quality controls department closely monitors the entire liquid supplement  manufacturing process.
  • We ensure liquid supplement are manufactured at pharmaceutical-grade quality.

Product Profile

Soinsvie Pharma Pvt. an accredited and one of the top third party manufacturers for dietary liquid in the pharmaceutical industry in India and is fast expanding its base to touch global market. Liquids are preferred over solid drugs as the vitamins are quick to get absorbed in the blood stream and hence exhibit instant effectiveness.

Liquid diets are catching up with the masses due to their ability to prevent and control weight gain, a disorder which has inflicted not just India but also people around the world. It also showcases benefits as a nutritional diet for patients and small kids who are unable to swallow solids and have to completely rely on liquids for their daily meal.

The company produces liquid supplements in various forms such as syrups, suspension, shots and drops that find use in beauty care, general fitness, relaxation, weight control, energy boosting. There is a wide range of formulations that are continuously improved upon through advancing R&D to achieve the best composition possible.

Third party manufacturers for Dietary Liquid offers facility

 Our Third party dietary liquid manufacturing facilities are fitted to accommodate modern machinery and technology and the laboratories are clean, hygienic and work under controlled conditions. All our production labs are WHO and GMP certified and in compliance with the international standards. We produce quality liquid diet products which are safe, secure and free from contamination.

Third party manufacturers for Dietary liquids Packaging:

The Third party manufacturers Dietary liquid products are secured and tightly fastened to prevent tampering which helps them retain their chemical properties during the transition all the way from manufacturing units to the end users. We give our clients a unique Soinsvie experience by offering packaging solutions tailored to their needs.

Our dietary products are also unique due to:

  • Low cost production for mass orders
  • Non hazardous to children
  • Strict quality checks in place
  • Dedicated R&D facility


Whether you are looking for a dietary liquid manufacturer or marketer, Soinsvie Pharma which is the best third party manufacturers for dietary liquid in India is your go to option. Do not compromise on quality, come join hands with Soinsvie.