Protein Powder

Protein Powder

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1 Soinprot Protein Powder with DHA, Biotin POWDER
2 Soinprot-M Protein Powder with Methylcobalamin POWDER
3 Soinprot Protein + Multivitamin SYP

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Product Profile

Soinsvie Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is gaining popularity as one of the best third party protein powder manufacturers in the region. Protein powders are an effective way of fulfilling nutritional deficiencies that are fast catching pace and have already replaced many other energy supplements that lack taste and texture.

Our energy powders not only taste great but are also great energy boosters post tiring days or tiring workout sessions. Our protein segment is really special as we carefully choose ingredients that have both -delicious flavor and are rich in nutritional value.

Protein Power Manufacturing Quality

Our state of art third party manufacturing facilities conforms to international quality standards and our procedures are refined time and again to meet the industry benchmarks in Protein supplements segment. This routine pushes for deliverable that still taste better and maintain their nutritional facts when opened after spending a long time on the shelves.


Our products are secured and tightly fastened to prevent tampering which helps them retain their chemical properties during the transition all the way from protein power manufacturing units to the end users. We stay one step ahead of our competitors by offering packaging solutions customized to suit our customers thereby giving them a unique experience.

Few other highlights of our third party manufacturing for Protein powder are:

  • Potential to fulfill bulk requirements at a low cost
  • Child safe formulations
  • Dedicated R&D facility
  • High standards of quality conforming to international parameters
  • Facilitate customized packaging options for clients to suit their needs


If you are looking for the best contract or third party manufacturing for protein powders who is all of these- competent, not afraid to take challenges head on, and offers a wide range of specialty products stuffed with quality and quantity, then you are looking in the right place. Write to us or give us a call and let us assist you with your query.

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