Levosalbutamol Ambroxol Guaiphenesin Syrup

Composition Levosalbutamol Ambroxol Guaiphenesin
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What is Ambroxol levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin?

Third Party Manufacturers Levosalbutamol Ambroxol Guaiphenesin Syrups may be a medication that’s used for the treatment of respiratory disease, Back Pain, Cough, Congestion, respiratory disorder, respiration diseases and alternative conditions.

Ambroxol Levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin syrup contains Ambroxol, Guaiphenesin, Menthol, and Salbutamol as active ingredients.

Ambroxol Levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin syrup works by cutting the mucous secretion within the air passages; liquefying and loosening thick mucous secretion that may be coughed out easily; quickly relieving minor pain; quietthe muscles within the walls of the tiny airways within the lungs;

Detailed data associated with Ambroxol Levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin Syrup’s uses, composition, dosage, faceteffects and reviews is listed below.

Ambroxol Levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin syrup Uses
Ambroxol Levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin syrup is employed for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the subsequent diseases, conditions and symptoms:

· respiratory disease

· Back Pain

· Cough

· Congestion

· respiratory disorder

· respiration diseases

· tract Diseases

· Thickened mucous secretion Cough

· Pain In inflammatory disease

· Pain In cotyloid joint

Ambroxol Levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin syrup operating, Mechanism of Action and pharmacological medicine
Ambroxol levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin syrup improves the patient’s condition by playacting the subsequentfunctions:

· cutting the mucous secretion within the air passages.

· Liquefying and loosening thick mucous secretion that may be coughed out simply.

· quickly relieving minor pain.

· quiet the muscles within the walls of the tiny airways within the lungs.


Ambroxol Levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin syrup – Precautions Use

Tell your doctor if your condition persists or worsens. vital subject matter points ar listed below.

· Alcohol consumption

· perpetually keep the dispenser upright throughout the loading of the dose

· perpetually replace the dispenser cap when use

· asthma attack

· Avoid stoning up that suppress cough

Ambroxol Levosalbutamol & Guaiphenesin sweetening – Side-effects

Consult your doctor if you observe any of the subsequent side-effects, particularly if they are doing not escape.

· abdomen Pain

· Loose Motions

· physiological reaction

· restless eruption

· Hypersensitivity

· Urge To Vomit

Pharma Contract Manufacturers Levosalbutamol Ambroxol Guaiphenesin Syrups

Levosalbutamol Ambroxol Guaiphenesin Syrups Manufacturers having own contract manufacturer pharma units in baddi & Panchkula, We are offering third party manufacturing services. we are manufacturing this salt “Levosalbutamol Ambroxol Guaiphenesin” oral drug liquid.


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