Composition Azithromycin-200 syrup
Packing 15ML


Third Party Manufacturers Azithromycin 200 Liquid

Soinsvie Pharmacia having Third Party Manufacturers Azithromycin 200 Liquid pharma manufacturing units in baddi & Panchkula, We are offering third party manufacturing services. we are manufacturing “Azithromycin-200” oral drug liquid.

What is Azithromycin for:
It is accustomed stop or treat microorganism infections.

How will Azithromycin work:
Azithromycin works to damage the microorganism and fight the infection

How ought to Azithromycin be used:
Take Azithromycin precisely as directed by your doctor. don’t take a lot of or but tutored by your doctor. Take Azithromycin at regular intervals as educated. Take it at constant time every daydon’t skip any doses. still take it even after you feel higheryou want to complete the complete course of antibiotic. If you dont, the infection won’tclear utterly. If you’ve got been given capsules, take them on Associate in Nursing empty abdomen a minimum ofone hour before or a pair of hours when food, with many water. If you’ve got been given tablets, swallow them whole with many water. you’ll take the tablets with or while not food. Take them when food if you expertise any abdomendiscomfort. If you’ve got been given Associate in Nursing oral suspension, shake it well before use to confirm that the liquid is equally mixed. Use the mensuration spoon or cup provided to live your dose. you’ll take the suspension with or while not food. Take it when food if you expertise any abdomen discomfort.

Common facet effects of Azithromycin :
Belly pain. – dyspepsia or throwing up. several tiny meals, sensible mouth care, intake onerous, sugar-free candy, or chew sugar-free gum could facilitate. – Loose stools (diarrhea). food or probiotics might facilitateyou’ll get these merchandise at food stores or in some pharmacies.

What do I do if I miss a dose
Call your doctor to seek out out what to try and do.



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