Albendazole Suspension

Composition Albendazole Suspension
Packing 10ML


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Third Party Manufacturers  Albendazole Suspension oral drug liquid is used in the treatment of parasitic worm infections. Albendazole  belongs to the class of anti-helminthic medications. The working of  Albendazole follows by  keeping the worm from absorbing glucose, so that the worm loses energy and dies. It doesn’t kill the worm egg , it only reduces it food supply in which worm is unable to survive and died. Albendazole is an antibiotic. It is an anthelmintic drug and is used in the treatment of many parasitic infections Takethe medicine with meals or with a snack Take plenty of fluids and fiber rich diet to avoid constipation. Do not start or continue the albendazole tablets .Do not  take the medicine if it is allergic to you or if you had a liver disease. consult your doctor before taking the drug. Albendazole can be used to treat giardiasis. It has shown activity against anaerobic protozoa like Giardia lamblia and Trichomonas vaginalis. Headache, Nausea, Hair loss, Vomiting, Dizziness, Abnormal liver function tests, Fever, Abdominal pain, Vertigo are Common side effects of Albendazol.

Third Party Manufacturers Albendazole Suspension

Third Party Manufacturers  Albendazole Suspension | Pharma Contract Manufacturers for Albendazole Suspension |

Soinsvie Pharmacia have its own manufacturing unit plants providing third party and pharma contract manufacturing services across India at competitive prices. Soinsvie  having its pharma contract manufacturing units in baddi & Panchkula, We are offering third party manufacturing services in oral drug liquid manufacturers. Soinsvie  manufacturing this salt “Albendazole Suspension” oral drug liquid. Pharma Contract Manufacturers for Albendazole Suspension is prepared under the supervision of scientists at GMP certified manufacturing plant with latest technology and  best quality ingredients that result in the highly profound composition of medicines which are highly effective against diseases and helpful to patients in fast recovery.  Contact Soinsvie Pharmacia for the manufacturers of Albendazole Suspension.


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