Medical & Pharmaceutical Conferences in India

  • Digital Health Summit :- on 16th Sep 2016 at Mumbai
  • Healthscape Summit :- on 22nd to 23rd Sep 2016 at Bangalore
  • International Conference on healthcare, Nursing and Disease Management :- on 8th, 9th Oct 2016 at Bangalore
  • Bio Pharma India Convention :- on 2nd , 3rd Nov 2016 at Mumbai
  • Respiratory Drug Delivery Asia :- 8th to 11th Nov 2016 at Goa
  • National Level Conference on Pharmacy Healthcare Profession and Life Sciences :- on 18th Nov 2016 at Madurai
  • GMP for Quality Control Laboratories :- on 23rd, 24th Jan 2017 at Mumbai
  • Pharma Bio World Expo :- on 14th to 17th Feb 2017 at Mumbai

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Written by admin on August 22nd, 2016