1 Ridofer-40 Pantoprazole 40mg TABS
2 Ridofer-D Pantoprazole 40mg+Domperidone 10mg TABS
3 Ridflux-20 Rabeprazole 20mg TABS
4 Ridflux-D Rabeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg TABS
5 Soincid Omeprazole 20mg CAPS
6 Soincid-D Omeprazole 20mg + Domperidone 10mg CAPS
7 Ridofer-DSR Pantoprazole 40mg+Domperidone 30mg (sustained release) CAPS
8 Ridofer-IT Pantoprazole 40mg+Itopride 150mg CAPS
9 Ridofer-LS Pantoprazole 40mg+Levosulpride 75 mg (SR) CAPS
10 Ridflux-DSR Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg+ Domperidone 30mg (sustained release) CAPS
11 Ridflux-IT Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg+Itopride 150mg CAPS
12 Ridflux-LS Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg + Levosulpiride 75mg (SR) CAPS
13 Sinogin Ginseng + Multivitamins + Multiminerals + Antioxdants CAPS
14 Silbia Silymarin with Vitamin B-Complex SYP
15 Zeconate Zinc Gluconate 20 Mg SYP
16 Zeconate Plus Zinc Gluconate with Pro & Pre Biotic DRY SYP
17 Piconext Sodium Picosulfate 5 mg SYP
18 Piconext Plus Liquid Paraffin, Milk of Magnesia & Sodium Picosulphate SYP
19 Laxway Lactulose Solution 10 mg SYP
20 Aldimag Meg. Hydroxide + Aluminium Hydroxide + Dimethicone (Mango/Mint) SUSP
21 Duocone Megaldrate 400mg+Simethicone 20mg (Mano / Mint /Sounf ) SUSP
22 Oxfate Sucralfate 1gm+Oxetacaine 20mg SYP
23 Sinergia Fungal Diastase 50mg+Pepsin 10mg SYP
24 Sinergia Pepsin (1:3000) 10mg + Fungal Diastase (1:1200) 50mg DROP
25 Cypset Cyproheptadine HCL 2mg+Tricholine Citrate 275mg SYP
26 Ridofer-IV Pantoprazole Sodium 40mg IV INJ
27 Ridflux-IV Rabeprazole Sodium 20mg IV INJ
28 Zeconate-Plus Pro Biotic, Pre Biotic with Zinc enriched Yeast SACHETS

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